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    Whether speaking or emceeing your next event...Coach LaMonte is ready and well equipped for the challenge!


    I have made speaking a part of my life. Having the honor to speak to thousands of individuals, I have personally seen the power of a word transforming a life. My message...Speak to the inner champion, the source of life and strength within each individual. My message is designed to help individuals fall in love with life again, cherishing each day and each breath that comes with it. My message is to help people plan for the best life possible, while helping individuals to understand its challenges and successes. The message is part life experience, part common sense, part principles learned. The message is necessary today to encourage people who have lost hope and fallen into a dark state. The message is to keep those who have found their way to stay committed to continued success. The message is to break the cycle of defeat and change the daily language individuals speak to themselves. The message is based on spiritual, psychological, and scientific principles developed for personal excellence. The message is designed to empower, motivate, inspire, and challenge; it will teach individuals how to maximize results, walk in power, and grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically.